Classified Ads:

Classified Ads are free and any registered member can place ads in the Classifieds section. The latest ads are always listed on the homepage and the ads are visible to anyone visiting the website (including people not registered on the website). Use this section to advertise your business or homemade products.

Click here to visit the GarsHigh Classifieds section.



Community Wall:


The Community Wall works similarly to Facebook's timeline. You can post text, images and even link to videos on the GarsHigh Community Wall. The Community Wall is accessible by anyone visiting the GarsHigh website but only registered members can post on the Community wall.

Click here to visit the GarsHigh Community Wall.



Events Calendar:


Registered members can add events to promote your business or organisation on the GarsHigh Events Calendar. Here you can include details of the event, attach flyers or other documentation and link the venue's address to our Google Maps interface. The GarsHigh Events Calendar is shared with anyone visiting the website.

Please use the "Contact Us" form provided to find out how to add your event.



Homepage Ads:

  Homepage ads are customised images and text which are displayed on the main GarsHigh homepage. Please use the "Contact Us" form provided to find out how you can advertise your business on the homepage and the costs involved.

Do not forget about the GarsHigh Market where you can rent a stall to sell your products. Keep an eye out for notifications on upcoming market days or contact Annatjie Markram for more details.